About us

At Maple pets,We are driven by a common bond of love and compassion for all animals. Underlying our entire philosophy is one simple and immutable fact: Pets are not only the heart of our business, but they are also the reason we are in business.

We believe in pets product quality and reliability. We realized the need for premium quality products and care our loved one need as we are pet parents ourselves.

We associated with Rolf C. Hagen who are in business since 1955, Hagen has grown to become the world’s largest privately-owned, multi-national pet products manufacturer and distributor.

Hagen has most reputed global premium brands such as Fluval, Hari Tropican, Catit, Nutrience , Zoe & Exo Terra which covers pet ranges of Fishes, Birds, Dogs , Cats & Reptiles.

For over 65 years, Hagen products have earned the loyalty and trust of consumers worldwide by dedicating in producing high-quality, innovative products for the health, happiness and satisfaction of you and your pets.

Apart from a comprehensive online store, our products are available at leading retailers, vets and breeders across the country.

Our promise to Pet parents: –

  • Technology & innovation
  • Product satisfaction
  • Safety & durability
  • Best quality Raw material & Quality ingredients for food items

Our Founders:-

Maple Pets started by a team of 2 who are fishes &birdslover and realized the need of global quality products& nutrition for fish & bird hobbyist in India.

We contacted Hagen and share our vision to serve pet community by providing best quality product at competitive price and service and took a step forward to improve things for fish & bird lovers.